“Didi”, thank you!


Didi means sister in Hindi, India's national language. Yuvraj is a smiling little kid who lives on one of Mumbai's main streets at the traffic signal. His hand and neck were severely burnt with Diwali crackers.

Ms. Suzan Noronha, SVD Lay partners in Mumbai and her group treated him with love, compassion and antiseptic medicines and bandaged his hand for three weeks. He is almost back to his smiles today. Two weeks ago, while passing by, Suzan, her husband, Leo, and I stopped to give him some food. We call him. He approached in fear because he didn't know who was calling him in the car. When he saw Suzan, he smiled and said "Didi", thank you. Small actions have an impact. Change starts with the little things. Christmas is committing to a life of purpose. The gift of love, the gift of hope, the gift of joy, the gift of happiness: May all these be ours during this Christmas season.

Modeste M., SVD

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