In whole state of Arkansas in United States, there are only three predominantly African American Catholic Parishes and I am the pastor of two of the three: Saint Augustine in the city of North Little Rock and Saint Bartholomew in Little Rock. In addition to my responsibility as a pastor of these two Parishes, I am also a teacher of the Bible in a Catholic High School: Mount Saint Mary in Little Rock, Arkansas.

As in many other countries, liturgical assemblies at the end of September 2020 in Slovakia were signed by the limitations of prevention against the spread of covid-19. However, it did not prevent us from celebrating the conclusion of the Year of the Word of God.

To end the year of the word of God, the formators and the seminarians of the Saint Joseph Freinademetz formation house in Fianarantsoa, Madagascar started the Mass with a brief ceremony and procession of the Bible ending it with its veneration in the chapel. It was indeed a remarkable moment of contact with the word of God.

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