Revolving fund for self-reliance


Oisho Bani Society, a NGO with a vision: ‘Towards a holistic Society based on Human Values’ had a review meeting of all the beneficiaries in Ambassa. The revolving fund for self – reliance had started in a small way in 2019 helping the poor families to rear livestock with only Rupees 1,20,000 (one lakh twenty thousand).

The rule of the revolving fund is, at the end of the year, money has to return with a few extra as interest. In 2021, the number of beneficiaries increased to 59 and the revolving fund committee could lend money Rs. 4, 64,000. Around 50 beneficiaries were present to assess the situation. Mr. Sunil Debbarma, the secretary of the revolving fund, welcomed them and briefed them about the agenda. Mr. Joy Manik Bongcher, the assistant BDO talked at length about the benefits of the fund and encouraged the livestock scientifically. Dr. Asok Debbarma, the active member of Oisho Bani Society praised the beneficiaries for being responsible and promised to help in different capacities. Fr. Ivan D’Silva, the parish priest of Ambassa and the treasurer of the OBS reiterated all that has been said. It was found in the review that 80% beneficiaries benefited and were economically self-reliant.
By: Ivan D’Silva, SVD

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