The experience of mission in Hungary


Frt. James Jimson is doing his OTP experience in Köröm, Hungary. He arrived in Hungary on October 8, 2019. He describes his Overseas Training Program as meaningful and enriching. Here is his story.

It was not so easy for me to decide to move to a different part of the world as a seminarian, yet I believed in the grace of God that He would take care of me in this mission. In the first year of my OTP program, I had the language course for two semesters. The Hungarian language is one of the most challenging languages to learn. In the beginning, I had a complex time understanding and replying to people, even in simple conversations. As the days passed by, I could experience the complexity of the language. I had the possibility of getting help from the Fathers and Brothers who would happily and patiently listen to me and correct me as I was progressing in my language learning. Another significant change was to accept a new culture and a new form of lifestyle, especially with food, clothing, weather, etc.

The inculturation program and my language studies helped me learn more about the history of Hungary and the origin of their culture. The unexpected coronavirus pandemic has also partially affected my OTP program. However, I am still grateful to God for protecting and keeping me safe. Initially, it was not easy to adjust to the food. I also had the unforgettable experience of my first winter with snow. It was cold weather. Now I am in our parish in Köröm doing my ministry. The people over here are very welcoming and generous in their approach to missionaries. I am taking part in all the parish activities, and I render my help in our ministries. After being in Hungary for the last one and half years, I decided to continue my theological studies to experience Hungarian life and culture profoundly. The zeal and spirit of Society always inspire me. I give the best out of me for the interest of our mission.

Frt. James Jimson SVD