Letter from Eastern Angola!


"I'm back after a journey of many surprises and tiredness. I went with a catechist to a place where we do not have communities but we were there to see the chances to start one.

The farthest village is 190 kms away. In two days, we only had one meal, we didn’t take a shower and we slept on the floor. All this because when the catechist was announcing the visit, no one believed him because they had not seen a priest in their place from the time of the war. However, it was worth every sacrifice, and we started a community. In one village we met an old man who had built a tent and, for more than two years prayed there alone, believing that one day the missionaries would come. His countrymen just derided him. Seeing the joy of this old man, our pain and tiredness disappeared. Now people believe that God has not abandoned them."