The Community Center "EL RUBIO" celebrates its first anniversary

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The Community Center “El Rubio”, dedicated to educating boys and girls, celebrated its first anniversary on 6th July. It was a wonderful thanksgiving celebration for all the blessings and achievements that the Center had during its first year of service to many children who participate in this place of training, recreation and sharing.

The team and the children of this Center welcomed the guests with an entertaining program which was followed by a delicious “cocktail” prepared by their own hands. It was an opportunity for the children to exhibit their achievements and the talents acquired during this year through different sporting, artistic, recreational and culinary presentations.

The occasion was graced by the presence of many benefactors, family members and friends, especially Bishop Guillermo Vera Soto, Belinda D'Souza and Claudio Molina, the board members of the foundation “Niños en la Huella”. It was also attended by the Divine Word Missionaries, the parents Agustín and Aures and all the religious-secular community of “El Rubio”. Brother Paul Oden, SVD, took the opportunity to thank all those who in different ways have become part of this work. He recalled that it would not have been possible to achieve such wonderful results without their collaboration and at the same time highlighted the spirit of joy felt and lived in the Center, which imbibes not only the inmates but also the families of those children.

Fr. José Joaquín Rodríguez del Real, SVD

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