International Youth Day was celebrated in Janvikas, Indore on 12th August, by the youth from the slums of Indore city. The theme of the International Youth Day 2016 was: "The Road to 2030: Eradicating Poverty and Achieving Sustainable Consumption and Production." Janvikas Society has initiated a new venture with the help of the Mission Office (Steyler Missionare), Austria to organize the youth in the slums of Indore city to enable them to empower the society. Four such Youth Clubs are formed in each slum to orient the youth (both boys and girls) and to assist them to become better, responsible citizens of the country.

Oh! that beautiful yet tragic day when Fr Augustine Rodrigues was with us then all too suddenly left us.

The SVD Generalate Leadership Team on Wednesday, 11th June began its semi-annual weeklong meeting called Caucus to evaluate and plan the activities. The meeting is held in Nemi, a beautiful town located about 50 km from Rome where the SVD have a retreat house.

The Western Province celebrates its 50thAnniversary this year. In 1964, the province began with 38 priests and seven Brothers. The ministry sites for the new province included Verbum Dei High School, St. Leo parish and the SVD Mission Office, all in Los Angeles.

The Shrine of Our Lady of Itapua is a center of pilgrimage and prayer for Catholics , but also an attractive tourist site because of the beautiful natural landscape that surrounds the Paraná River, 12 km from the center of Encarnación in the Department Itapua.

Los Chiles is really a very beautiful place with a large population. From the parish, several community services are offered. In my opinion a Parish Mission is needed. The people are thirsty for something more. I invite our young missionaries of the Region to come to this fertile soil for evangelization.

Invited by Fr. Jan Wichary, local superior of the SVD community in Zakopane, Fr. Jan Halama, provincial superior of the Slovak province, took part in the celebration of St. Joseph Freinademetz, the patron saint of the missionary house in Zakopane. The occasion took place on February 2, 2014 in the local parish of Holy Cross in Zakopane.

Bone patients in Madang province, can now be operated on, following the arrival of new instruments from Poland. SVD POL donated the equipment after a successful application by the Doctor in Charge of Modilon orthopaedic unit, our SVD Brother, Doctor Jerzy Kuzma.

Three years ago, on March 11, Japan suffered its most powerful known earthquake, which rattled the country, unleashed a tsunami of up to 100 feet, and resulted in the worst nuclear disaster since Chernobyl.

On January, 13, 2014, in the chapel of St. Joseph Freinademetz community of Seoul, the newly appointed Regional Superior of Korea Region: Fr. Benedict Kim Jong Il (in photo, 4th from left), along with his new council were installed.

Photo: A Left: A sign outside the chapel on the campus of the Catholic Health Training Institute in Wau, South Sudan. Right: The chapel on the campus of the Catholic Health Training Institute in Wau, South Sudan (GSR photo / Chris Herlinger)

Indian Sr. Leema Rose is a member of the Missionary Sisters, Servants of the Holy Spirit and heads the Catholic Health Training Institute in Wau, South Sudan, where she oversees a nursing training program for certified nurses and midwives.

Sr. Kavita with mother and new born. Every year, around 700 pregnant women come to our clinic for a check-up. Most of them deliver their baby in their homes and the difficult cases come to the clinic. These difficult deliveries are always a nightmare for us in Weragu, Ethiopia. The joyful event of giving birth can suddenly turn into an unforeseen crisis.

I have been working as a chaplaincy in the women ?s prison in Berlin for more than a year. In the beginning it was a very strange world with big walls, loud noise of opening and closing big doors. I was afraid to enter the prison cells.

Sr. Magdalena, Christine Barbara Eichinger, SSpS is a member of Religious in Europe Networking against Trafficking and Exploitation (RENATE). The members are working alongside many other organizations around the world to eradicate modern-day slavery. A few months ago, thirty RENATE members gathered at the Soeterbeeck Conference Centre for a seminar.

By: UCAN Thomas Ora, Dili – Timor (SSpS sisters)

The National Commission of HIV/ AIDS, in Timor-Leste began to emerge even before independence, starting with only a few cases. The number, however, has increased every year. As the commission reported last year, in the past 13 years more than 600 cases were discovered, of which 29% were young people aged 15-24, 59% were people aged 25-44 and 9 % were people aged 45 years and older. The remaining percentages are children aged 14 years and younger. However, these numbers are limited to data from hospitals and clinics. The HIV in Timor-Leste is like the tip of an iceberg, which will be a huge problem later if it’s not handled properly.

Sr. Veronika from Slovakia was a Missionary Sister of the Holy Spirit (SSpS). She has been working in South Sudan over the past six years. She was a medical doctor. She has been in charge of St. Bakhita Health Center in South Sudan, where she saved many women and babies lives.

Bad Driburg / Generalate of the Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters from Steyl

In an official letter dated February 25, 2015, the Holy See has given the go signal for the beatification process for the Co-foundress and first Superior General of the Steyl Holy Spirit Adoration Sisters, Adolfine Tönnies (Mother Mary Michael).

The First Delegates Conference of the Friends of SVD was held at Christ the King Parish in Accra on May 25, 2019 under the theme, “Our Vocation as SVD Lay Partners". The Parish Priest of Christ the King, Rev. Fr. Andrew Campbell, SVD in his welcome address stressed on the indispensable role of the laity in the evangelization mission of the Church.

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