Team of the program TV mass in the family

By: P. Aureenhor Ian Nercua, SVD. The TV MASS IN THE FAMILY project was launched on the 11th July 2015 at St. Cayetano parish in the city of Palpalá of the province of Jujuy, Argentina. During the launch the Holy Mass was celebrated by bishop, Monsignor Cesar Daniel Fernández.

The objective of this project is to make sure that those who are unable to attend Sunday masses such as the sick and workers can listen and feel the Sunday celebration in their houses. The faithful who, due to their working hours and for justified reasons, cannot attend mass benefit from this project.

As a team, we take advantage of different media available locally such as TV and Radio channels in different cities. The filming of the liturgical celebrations is done every Saturday of the month and telecasted on the following Sundays. The recording does not exceed 60 minutes, and it includes a prayer for the sick and a presentation as production of Divine Word Missionaries, that is, Copyright.

For more news you can visit us on the following internet sites: Website; Facebook:; and our You Tube channel: Divine Word Communication – ARS/ARE.

Our desire is that different diffusion groups of every parish and educative institutions make publicity of this proposal in their communities in order to create awareness of its progress.

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