Awareness Session and Health Check Up


“I live with HIV, not AIDS” was the opening statement of the awareness movie presented to people living with HIV/AIDS.

An awareness session and general health check up was organized by Sarva Seva Sangh, Andheri Mumbai in collaboration with the Holy Spirit Hospital, Mumbai on Saturday the 27th of September 2014 for people living with HIV/AIDS. Dr. Sweta addressed 73 people gathered at Sarva Seva Sangh premises who are living with HIV/AIDS.


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She discussed the kinds of infections they are easily susceptible to and about the regular medication, balanced diet, proper exercise and rest. The movie presented after the session motivated them to be optimistic amidst all odds of life. The session also gave them the awareness and responsibility to prevent HIV infection among more people.

After the awareness session a general health check was conducted by the medical team headed by Sr. Pushpa SSpS from Holy Spirit Hospital. Each of them were given a nutrition kit. The additional item in the nutrition kit this time was milk powder.
Mathew Korattiyil, SVD